01. Queen Elizabeth has [reigned] over the British Empire for almost 50 years now.
02. The [reign] of terror of Pol Pot in Cambodia resulted in the deaths of over a million people.
03. The Beatles [reigned] over the pop music world during the 1960s.
04. Confusion [reigns] over the country's capital today amid reports that the President has been assassinated.
05. The longest [reigning] monarch in Great Britain's history was King George III.
06. The Anglican church was established during Henry VIII's [reign] in order to allow the King to divorce his wife, and remarry.
07. Tiger Woods has [reigned] over the golf world since the beginning of his professional career.
08. The [reigning] champion of cycling, Lance Armstrong is widely expected to win the Tour de France again this year.
09. There is a French proverb which observes that where power [reigns], there is no room for reason.
10. There is a Ghanaian proverb which states that when a king has good counselors, his [reign] is peaceful.
11. John Milton wrote that it is better to [reign] in hell than to serve in heaven.
12. Napoleon once suggested that a prince who gets a reputation for good nature in the first year of his [reign] is laughed at in the second.
13. The Pantheon in Rome was built during the [reign] of the Emperor Hadrian.
14. Benjamin Franklin once remarked that at twenty years of age, the will [reigns]; at thirty, the wit; and at forty, the judgment.
15. Richard the Lion-hearted, King of England, spent more than 95 percent of his [reign] on foreign shores. He visited England only twice.
16. King Louis XIX [reigned] over France for about 15 minutes.
17. The twin Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia currently [reign] as the world's tallest buildings, at 1,483 feet.
18. The Chinese used lions on hunting expeditions during the [reign] of Kublai Khan.
19. OREO cookies have [reigned] supreme as the number-one-selling cookie in America since they first appeared on the market in 1912.
20. A female pharaoh was unknown in Egypt before Hatshepsut, who began her [reign] in 1502 B.C.
21. During the [reign] of Catherine I of Russia, the rules for parties stipulated that no man was to get drunk before 9 o'clock, and ladies weren't to get drunk at any hour.
22. Economists say the long [reign] of the American dollar is fading, as all major currencies have risen against it.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.

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